We are a Selwyn District based creative Custom Engineering Service provider – Give us the idea and we can make it for you!


Creative Custom Engineering Services

We have over 37 years experience in the Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal, Signage and Product Design industries.
KERBY LIMITED draws on all this experience from Flight GSE Limited and Independent Signs Limited.
If you want us to create or custom design a product we can…

KL's KERBY™ Aluminium Extrusion

The Best Driveway & Entrance Ramp

Kerby was designed to counter the massive bump many residents of the Selwyn District face every night and morning as they move between their driveway and the road, across the harsh semi-mountable kerbs that are prevalent throughout the district.

KERBY.KIWI's Sentry Posts

The Best Burgler Deterrant

Do you like you Boat, your Caravan, your Trailer?

Of course you do, and you worked hard top buy them.

Sadly others in our society like them too, and would rather steal them…

KL's Custom Trailers

Quality for Life

At Kerby one thing we enjoy is designing Custom Built Trailers.

That way we can ensure you get the functionality and quality you deserve.

We can design and build for anything for you…

KL's Fire Pits & Outdoor BBQ Settings

Extra-Heavy-Duty NZ-Made

The Kiwi Backyard isn’t complete without a BBQ, and outdoor dining isn’t complete without the right furniture setting.

My issue was, we wanted a robust setting that would last for years outside with a minimal of maintenance, one that was suitable for both home and council use at reserves…

KL's Kiwi Garden Gear


Green Houses and Fruit Cages are a real investment for the home garden.

Our Green House design used two different aluminium extrusions, each 3mm thick, that serve to encapsulate the Twin Wall Polycarbonate sheet we use, almost like Double Glazing.

Why Twinwall?

KL's Hose Brackets

Simple & Effective

Hose Brackets are a simple thing, and one you don’t want to have to keep replacing, so it made sense to build one that was robust and would last.

Our Hose Brackets are cut from 75mm wide steel flat bar, drilled and shaped and then electro-galvanised to give a surface for the powder coating to key on to.

KL's Outdoor Fireplaces

Content coming soon

KL's GR8 Gates

Content coming soon

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