Sentry Posts

The Kerby Sentry Post.

Do you like you Boat, your Caravan, your Trailer? Of course you do and you worked hard top buy them. Sadly others in our society like them too, but they’re not prepared to out the hard mahi in to buy them and would rather steal them.

The Kerby Sentry Post is designed to help combat theft of towed vehicles. Available in steel or aluminium, the smart looking, powder coated Sentry Post slips over a bracket bolted to your garage or driveway floor, and is padlocked down with a protected padlock.

You pop your trailer on the tow ball on the Sentry Post and for extra protection padlock it in place.

If your local crook wants to flog your trailer, first they have to disconnect the trailer coupling from the Sentry Post, and then, depending where you have mounted it, they have to remove the Sentry Post itself as it proves a physical barrier.

We can’t guarantee your trailer will be totally safe but the Sentry Post will do two things crooks don’t like. First it will keep the on-site much longer, and secondly if they want to remove this with power tools, they’re going to create a lot of noise. That’s got to work in your favour right.