Common KERBY™ Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.

  • Can Kerby be powder coated?

    Yes, KERBY™ can be POWDER-COATED!
    Please ask for this additional service as it has to go away to the powder-coater for a few days and be in their queue to be done, but it’s worth it! To view a sample of the fancy new TEFLON-TEXTURED BLACK version for a garage entrance, look from the path of 1 Falcon’s Landing. It’s soooooooo awesome! Adds the WOW-FACTOR to your house! Find all the colours you can imagine to match your house here: https://duluxpowders.co.nz/colour/

  • Can I view a sample?

    849 Jones Rd, Rolleston.

    24 Sheridan Drive, Rolleston is where you can view a 9m installation (in this situation it’s a test being close to the curb, normally we install +30mm away from the curb), or buy and collect the KERBY™ from (by appointment).

  • Is this council approved?

    We have spoken to the Selwyn Council regarding these ramps and at the time they appear to have no issues as long as it doesn’t prevent them performing maintenance on the gutter (as in covering a manhole or drain).

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes. Please let us know your physical address, and then your email address and we can email a quote to you.