The Kerby Back Yard

Green Houses, Fruit Cages, Hose Brackets and more

We build gear for the garden.

Our Green House design used two 3mm thick aluminium extrusions,that serve to hold  Twin Wall Polycarbonate sheet that acts almost like Double Glazing. Why Twinwall? If you’re like us and play a bit of football on your back lawn, you can imagine the mess, and hazard, of a ball going into a glass panel. With Twinwall that hazard is removed, so when the kids are outside you can rest easy.

We’re so confident about the longevity of our Green House design that we’ll offer an 8 year warranty.

Fruit Cages are something we had to think hard about before developing, but the annual pillaging of the Cherry Tree by the Starlings finally convinced us. The result of the thought and effort that went into this resulted in heaps of sweet, home-grown Cherries- Delicious.

Our Hose Brackets were a response to the need for one that wouldn’t break down, like plastic ones do over the years. We use steel flat bar that is shaped and folded, electro-galvanised for primary rust protection, then powder coated to match your house.